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We can proudly say that all products offered on our website are either handcrafted or produced in limited quantities. In some cases, some products may not be available for 2nd Day Shipping. We assure you that all of our suppliers do their best to provide the best shipping experience possible and reduce any possibility of mishandling from shipping providers.

Several factors come into play when we ship fresh or frozen food to our clients but unfortunately there are times where these factors such as weather or shortages of ingredients may lead to the order shipping date not being fulfilled. EATUSA will always do its part to avoid these issues when possible.

Please consider placing your order in a timely manner if you have a planned event so that we can plan ourselves accordingly and make sure the products come as fresh as possible and in the best condition possible.

EATUSA.NET will not be responsible for any delays in delivery caused by high volume orders, delays in transit, environmental issues, or even issues with customs.

Please understand that it is the responsibility of the customer to check order information , especially shipping information, is entered correctly. You will also receive an e-mail informing you of the shipping of your order which will display your shipping information.

Any additional shipping charges due to incorrect information being provided will by the responsibility of the customer.
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