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Craft Beer Kit

Makes 2 gallons of beer in just 14 days! 2-GALLON CRAFT BEER KIT The ‘Craft Beer Revolution’ beat goes on as more Americans realize that Big Beer all tastes the same. You keep hearing that Craft Beer has flavor and you want to find out! Well, now’s the time, with your own Craft Beer Kit. This kit includes one of our most popular Craft Series recipes, it’s light in body and color but rich in flavor, with an ABV rating of around 3.7%. You’ll enjoy every gulp. Beer is not for sitting and sipping. Speaking of Revolution, that describes the world’s first (patent pending) small batch conical fermenter which is included with this kit. It allows you to brew batch after batch and always with great results. It’s designed that way. The only thing this kit is missing are the bottles, but there are many ways to get these. You can buy them, save them, or collect them, it doesn’t matter. If they previously held carbonated beverages, they will work with this kit (more about this in the instructions). Once your friends taste your beer, they’ll want a Craft Beer Kit too, so help out by taking names! This Craft Beer Kit makes a great gift! (or just send your friends to us!) Kit Includes: (1) Conical Fermenter (1) Fermenter Base (1) Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly (1) Venting Plug (1) Stick-on Temperature Gauge (1) Of Our Most Popular Basic Recipes (American Prophecy Ale) (1) Packet of Dry Brewing Yeast (1) Packet of One Step No-Rinse Cleanser (1) Easy to Follow Brewing Instruction Brewing Note: Sanitize everything that comes in contact with your beer. This kit does not include bottles.

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$59.99 / Pack
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Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:Small and easy to conceal (I live in the dorms at FSU) but more importantly the flavor of the beer is excellent but does depend on you and it takes a bit of practice. This thing is bad ass
Cons:Would be cool if it included recipes for fruit infused beers
Comments:Remember it does NOT include the bottles. I didn’t read the full description before ordering but thinking about it, for the price I should have expected

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