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Craft Beer Kit Plus

Makes 2 gallons of beer in just 14 days! 2-GALLON CRAFT BEER KIT PLUS More and more Americans realized that Big Beer all tastes the same so they started the Craft Beer Revolution. Now you can have beer that has flavor by brewing it yourself with your own Craft Beer Kit Plus. This kit includes one of our most popular Craft Series Plus recipes. This is an all malt beer, coming in at around 4.7% ABV, smooth going down and lightly hopped. You’ll enjoy knocking this back. Beer is not for sitting and sipping. That’s tea. (different Revolution.) Speaking of Revolution, that best describes the world’s first (patent pending) small batch conical fermenter which is included with this kit. It allows you to brew batch after batch and always with great results. It’s designed that way. The other Plus (besides the extra malt) is a full set of logoed PET bottles to capture and show off your prize creation. Caps are included and reusable for a fully professional presentation of your brew. Guard this beer! Once your friends see your bottled brew, they’re going to want some. Store it in a dark, cool place away. Send them to us and they can make their own. If they beg, maybe give them a kit as the gift that keeps on giving. Kit Includes (1) Conical Fermenter (1) Fermenter Base (1) Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly (1) Venting Plug (1) Stick-on Temperature Gauge (1) Of Our Most Popular Recipes (American Prophecy Ale Plus) (1) Packet of Dry Brewing Yeast (1) Packet of One Step No-Rinse Cleanser (8) Plastic Amber 1 Liter Bottles & Reusable Caps (8) Custom Bottle Labels (1) Easy to Follow Brewing Instruction Brewing Note Sanitize everything that comes in contact with your beer.

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Pros:This kit is pretty cool. It comes with recipes and basically everything you need to brew the beer but as the description says, keep in mind that bottles are not included. I am currently making a beer that has some latino influences on it…ironic I know…made in America products for making a latino influenced beer lol….the process was pretty simple to follow and I am confident it will come out pretty good.
Cons:Nothing negative to say so far but if it’s bad and not my fault I will definitely update this review.
Comments:Thank you EATUSA for answering all my questions before placing the order. Not even the official website was able to answer all the questions. You were all very patient so if it turns out good I’ll definitely be ordering again.

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