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Post Thanksgiving Christmas Preparation / Check List

We’ve hope you had a successful Thanksgiving celebration after this historic 2016 presidential election. We know getting the family together for the holidays can sometimes be a daunting task but now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start getting ready for the rest of the holiday season. We’ve compiled a short list that will hopefully make the remaining weeks of 2016 as easy as possible for both yourself and your family.

  1. Buy your presents online during Cyber Monday, NOT Black Friday – We’re all aware of how hectic black Friday shopping can be and many of us dread the thought of having to stand in crazy long lines to get the best deals out there. Thankfully Cyber Monday deals have become more and more popular since the internet took over our homes almost two decades ago. Today IS the day to get the first item of your holiday check list taken care of. Take advantage of the excellent Cyber Monday deals going on today. We are also offering excellent gift ideas at and you can take 24% off your entire order. Simply use promo code CYBER during checkout!
  2. Christmas tree Shopping – Let’s face it, most people buy their Christmas Tree on Black Friday but the best time to buy your Christmas tree is on Cyber Monday. Get #1 on the check list taken care of early so that as soon as you finish the work day you can head out to your favorite location and buy your tree. If you have kids, make sure your new Christmas tree is home before the children come home from school as it will increase your chances of getting the kids to help you decorate.
  3. Gift Wrapping – As you receive the gifts you’ve ordered, make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to gift wrap your items. We all know our children will start searching every nook and cranny in the house to find out what gifts they are getting so gift wrapping them and putting them underneath the tree will prevent them from doing so, while building up the excitement that comes with Christmas gifts.
  4. Greeting Cards – Depending on the size of your family and friends, avoid waiting until the last minute to write your wonderful messages and well wishes so we suggest you start taking care of this task 2 weeks before Christmas and make sure they have all been sent out a week before. This is normally a perfect time as no one likes receiving a Christmas card afterwards.
  5. Cook, cook, cook – 3 to 4 days before Christmas is the perfect time to start setting up your Turkey or Ham. Plan out exactly how long it may take to get all your holiday meals cooked and make sure you’re not missing any ingredients. If you’re trying out a recipe for the first time, don’t try it out on your family, instead consider making a smaller portion to make sure it’s going to work. Trust me, your family will be thankful you did. Lastly, make sure you’re going to have enough for the entire party.
  6. A clean house is a happy house – We highly suggest that you do a thorough cleaning of the house a week before celebrating Christmas. Not only will this make you feel good about yourself but let’s face it, by the time the party is over, your house will probably be quite messy with smells of fried food, and other various smells. Deep cleaning the house will make post holiday cleaning that much easier.

We hope this list makes your Christmas preparations a bit easier. I know it’s made it that much easier for us by following these simple steps.