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Welcome to EATUSA / Gifts from Across America, this site will specialize in selling American Made Products of all types. Our products are truly "Born in the USA". We are now taking orders

You can help us! If you know of any unique companies that you can suggest please email directly at and let me know. Perhaps their products can be sold on this website.

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Arthur Gregory


The original vision

The concept of EAT USA came after the National Association of Specialty Food shows in San Francisco and NYC in 2000. The intent was to launch a BBQ sauce line for the A & M Roadhouse BBQ Restaurant and Blues club in New York.

As one door closes, another door opens

At the time, the BBQ sauce market seemed saturated and the plan was put on hold. However, following a discussion with the US Department Of Agriculture's Export unit at the event, it was decided to put together an e-commerce retail company selling only American-made unique specialty foods and culinary gifts to the US market, with longer term plans to expand internationally.

9/11. Collateral damage

EATUSA was born in the twin towers. In August 2001 the first kiosk was planned to open at the World Trade Center, the last week of September 2001, put as we all know that would not happen. Trading and plans turned to the e-commerce site. Unfortunately, the attacks on the WTC put the restaurant, the A & M Roadhouse (which also housed the warehouse and business office for EATUSA) out of business for nine weeks.


The EATUSA online offering was put on hold after the entire inventory was lost to contamination from WTC dust. For the next two years, the focus was on establishing the restaurant. In 2003 the EATUSA concept was restarted with a new and improved web site and $20,000 in new inventory, and a kiosk at the South Street Seaport in downtown Manhattan, only to have the NY Department of Health force again due to the finding of WTC containments, forced destruction of the inventory.

Rising from the ashes

EATUSA is ready to launch again with an improved business model that requires less inventory, selling only foods and culinary gifts that were caught, made, grown or produced in the fifty United States. There are 3 key touch points with the customers: 1. The primary focus, and subject of the most investment, is selling via the online store. 2. A secondary focus is selling through kiosks and vending machines behind security check points in major airports and premium malls 3. The third channel is to secure sites in stores such as Target, Bed Bath and beyond. There is a new and improved e-commerce web site. Tentative deals have been struck with hundreds of manufacturers who will dropship items. The company has also secured commitments from the biggest airport and mall retail developer to place the specialty retail kiosks in their properties. The customer experience allows them to choose between shipping products direct to family and friends with the swipe of their debit or credit card or with tap-and-pay technology on their smart phones. Alternatively, they can take goods away from the airport, malls or stores.

Franchise expansion opportunities

In addition to the selling and distribution of Specialty food and culinary gifts from every state, this "Born In The USA" brand brings many opportunities for stories to be written in print publications or aired on TV. There have been discussions regarding a TV opportunity that would showcase how each state's particular specialty foods are caught, produced, grown and prepared. It brings the opportunity to show where and how the food was grown, caught or nurtured before bringing it to the table and subsequently, the recipes that turn this classic American food into a great culinary experience for the taste buds.

EAT USA is ready to open its virtual doors and bring the great American food experience to everyone. Coffee from Hawaii, steak from Wisconsin or lobster from Maine can be sent across the country for a taste of home. Alternatively, why not send gift packages of hot sauces from Texas, fruit from Florida or wines from Napa for those special occasions? Availability and accessibility to everyone comes via EAT USA.

EAT USA. Born in the USA.
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