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Craft Hard Cider Kit

Makes 2 gallons of cider in just 14 days! 2-GALLON HARD CIDER KIT This Hard Apple Cider Kit has all the ingredients and equipment required to brew two gallons of an amazing and delicious beverage that you’ll be proud to share with your friends. Included in this kit is our most popular Hard Cider Recipe, Forbidden Fruit (no snake required) and it tastes just as sinfully luscious as it sounds. It’s crisp, dry and refreshing hard apple cider with an ABV of around 4.5%. The equipment featured is a clear version of our revolutionary, patent pending, world’s first small batch conical fermenter. It allows you to brew batch after batch and always with great results. The only thing missing from this kit are the bottles, so start saving soda bottles and caps now. Hint: get some friends to save some too, but don’t tell them why! (more about collecting bottles in the instructions.) This Hard Cider Kit makes a terrific gift, and gives you a real good reason to drop by in 14 days or so! Kit Includes (1) Clear Conical Fermenter (1) Fermenter Base (1) Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly (1) Venting Plug (1) Stick-on Temperature Gauge (1) Our Most Popular Hard Apple Cider Recipe (Forbidden Fruit Hard Cider) (1) Packet of Dry Brewing Yeast (1) Packet of One Step No-Rinse Cleanser (1) Easy to Follow Brewing Instruction Brewing Note Sanitize everything that comes in contact with your cider. This kit does not include bottles.

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Pros:Very good with easy to follow instructions. I bought the beer kit and have been really enjoying it so I told my roommate to order this kit. This entire line of products is simply amazing and as we get better it’s making it really hard to go out and pay full price for drinks that have half the flavor. Think about that! This is perfect for college students and the best part is that you don’t drink and drive…see…not all college students are irresponsible
Cons:Just like the beer kit, I wish there were more recipes but you can actually find some great ideas online
Comments:I called and mentioned I had ordered the beer kit a couple of months before so they were kind enough to hook it up with free shipping. Try giving them a call before you order maybe they’ll hook you up to.

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